Lower Antelope Canyon

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About Navajo Lower Antelope Slot Canyon Guided Tours
Lower Antelope Slot Canyon is one of the most exquisitely photographed attractions in the American Southwest.
This incredible canyon has been created over millions of years by the relentless forces of water and wind, slowly carving and sculpting the sandstone into forms, textures, and shapes which we observe today.The views in Lower Antelope Canyon change constantly as the sun moves across the sky, filtering lights softly across the stone walls. These ever-moving sun angles bounce light back and forth across the narrow canyon’s walls, creating a dazzling display of color, light, and shadow.
Visitors come from all over the world to experience Lower Antelope Canyon’s majestic beauty. Lower Antelope Canyon is a “Bucket List” must do!
Lower Antelope Canyon
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Lower Antelope Canyon Reviews

  • S**u
    2020-03-25 06:34:02

    Amazing tour and visit!

  • An****pe
    2020-03-13 18:49:21

    Been waiting a long time to see Antelope Canyon. It was well worth the wait! Amazingly beautiful!! Great tour guide who is obviously passionate about sharing this wonderful place with visitors.

  • S*m
    2020-03-10 03:21:43

    I wish I could remember our tour guides name. She had short, buzz cut hair and knew all the photo spots. She was amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. We went on 03/05 at 12:45pm with about 8-9 other people. Will definitely recommend to family and friends and hope to be back again myself! Again, can't say enough good things about our guide!

  • Ra******ck
    2020-03-03 17:36:53

    Great experience. Was worried the price wouldn’t match the value but was definitely worth it. Amazing pictures. Our guide made the experience that much more enjoyable.

  • W**co
    2020-03-03 05:46:19

    Prima site, we zien uit naar het bezoek

  • ro*********14
    2020-02-29 17:50:21

    It’s amazing.

  • S**dy
    2020-02-25 17:45:36

    The tour guide, Brett, did a fantastic job. He helped us capture important photo opportunities and even sang towards the end of the tour. My daughter and I were in awe of the beauty throughout the tour!

  • i.************az
    2020-02-19 08:32:26

    Really Fast, and friendly.

  • xi***he
    2020-02-18 09:18:04

    The view is great, but the road to the parking lot and the parking lot itself need to be fixed.

  • hu***********so
    2020-02-17 18:41:40

    Great response time over email and to find a tour that fitted our schedule, once there everything as planned and it was awesome all around. Our guide, Lamor, was great too, impresive service and helped us to bring bag great pic suverneers

  • Li******do
    2020-02-15 23:15:53

    It was easy to navigate around the website. Can't wait to take the tour to Lower Antelope Canyon.

  • Sa***th
    2020-02-15 20:50:51

    It’s really easy to make our reservation. If your time is already sold out then within few hours they will let you know. Good service. Wait until I go there and get the experience.

  • m**dy
    2020-02-13 20:59:23

    Purchased was easy, fast and understandable. After processing I was notify by email that the slot I picked was full and for me to pick another slot, which was easy too. I just reply by email and it was done! We are all set for our Lower Antelope tour! Very excited, I can not wait to see. It will be my first time visiting the antelope.

  • Ma****m
    2020-02-12 18:51:48

    I love this place so amazing!!!!

  • fi*****gm
    2020-02-10 21:43:21

    Very efficient and kind service. It’s suggested!

  • WE***R1
    2020-02-10 18:12:49

    Loved it! I was a little apprehensive since I am claustrophobic, but it was no problem at all. Natasha was great. Highly recommend.

  • St**ia
    2020-02-10 17:38:55

    Very good, guide Kevin was wonderful and the tour was so beautiful. I would recommend this to all, and loved seeing lower antelope canyon.

  • Ma******se
    2020-02-07 23:59:24

    Very easy and so friendly the costumer service. Thank you very much for your attention!

  • ca***us
    2020-02-04 11:50:56

    Super easy to buy tickets- only difficulty was deciding on time.

  • Ye***er
    2020-02-04 06:05:57

    My trip was awesome !!! My daughter really enjoy it. Its a perfect adventure for a family road trip. The lower level is magical !!! Also the tourist guide was pretty cool and showed us all the shapes and figures inside the canyon. I totally recommend the tour, on my way to arizona my suv broke down & I called the emergency number for the tour and they changed my schedule thus i had plenty of time to resolve my problem and still do the tour with my family. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much

  • M.****en
    2020-02-03 22:11:57

    Easy and fast

  • SE**IO
    2020-02-01 22:23:42

    all ok

  • A**el
    2020-02-01 03:49:10

    Picking out an experience was easy on this site and leaving extra comments was helpful! Overall an easy booking for us and we can’t wait to take our tour!

  • Y*N
    2020-02-01 02:05:08

    Easy booking process, and quick respones

  • la****rl
    2020-01-30 05:55:08

    Fantastic tour and so beautiful. Well worth the cost.

  • e**y
    2020-01-22 10:32:28

    An amazing view that you really can’t forget!! Even the tour guide made the experience fun and exciting!! I would come back in an instant!!

  • B**ny
    2020-01-03 21:56:47

    Great Experience! Learned a lot from our guide Tildbert. Thank you!

  • I**ne
    2020-01-03 17:55:08

    We had a perfect experience . Especial shoutout to Clint or tour guide he makes our experience remarkable

  • mo******qx
    2019-12-31 06:36:37

    very easy process

  • B*n
    2019-12-22 17:37:07

    Tour guide did his best despite the group consisting of people with different languages

  • Br******ng
    2019-12-17 18:57:26

    It is easy to book and get confirmation pretty quickly. Cancellation is too restrict. It could be better if it is allowed for cancellation or changing date a couple of month before the tour date.

  • bo**********nt
    2019-12-15 02:15:57

    very good services from booking till we received the voucher,thank you

  • Ki***hi
    2019-12-08 20:02:03

    Very quick respondjng, it helped a lot. Thanks.

  • su***********eo
    2019-11-30 11:15:25

    So glad we took this tour! The caves were breathtaking. Our tour guide, Jerry, was top-notch. He made our experience perfect.

  • bo****ya
    2019-11-29 18:46:20

    Guides did a great job managing the holiday crowds. Photos are stunning!

  • Ca***da
    2019-11-04 15:45:09


  • to**30
    2019-10-07 21:24:15

    Nikki was our guide and made the tour perfect! She was very nice and showed us beatiful things and points of view

  • Fr***er
    2019-09-22 15:56:49

    Crowded but completely worth it.

  • ru*****13
    2019-09-19 13:14:34

    They are kind and have generosity. I had a good experience during the procedure.

  • Na***sh
    2019-09-13 01:33:25

    Good organized all process before and during tour! I bought tickets in a month before visiting, while in other companies all tickets were already sold. I was a little bit nervous about that, but all was great! And of course canyon is amazing!


1. Do I need to join a guided tour?

Yes. Lower Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Nation and is considered a Navajo Park. Tribal law requires that everyone visiting Lower Antelope Canyon must be accompanied by a Tour Guide.

2. What can I bring on tour?

1 Clear – Transparent Bag; Camera; Water Bottle; Cell Phone.

3. What can I NOT bring on tour?

Go Pro; Tripods / Monopod / Selfie Sticks / Stabilizers; Purse / Side purse / Wristlet / Fanny Pack; Bag / Backpack / Draw String bag / Hydration Bag.

4. What is Antelope Canyon's time zone?

Antelope Canyon is located in ARIZONA TIME (Summer time: Same time as Pacific Time; Winter time Same time as Mountain Time. – No Daylight Saving Time – Not Utah Time – Not Navajo Nation Time). All times on confirmations and vouchers are shown in Arizona Time. Because the Utah State Line is less than 7 miles away, cell phone towers from Utah (and the surrounding Navajo Nation) often will be the wrong time. Please manually set your cell phone to Phoenix, AZ time.

5. Are service animals or pets allowed in the canyon?

We are sorry! Due to the wide range of people that go into the canyon we don’t allow any Service animals or Pets to go on tour. We also do not have any leashing area you can leave your pet. Please make arrangements before booking your tour.

6. Do I need to checkin earlier than the tour departure time?

Please arrive 1 hour early from your confirmed tour time to check-in. All groups who have not checked-in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the tour have forfeited their reservation and those seats will be filled with walk-ups. No refunds will be given in this situation.

7. Is there cell phone coverage in Antelope Canyon Area?

Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon areas are in Navajo Reservation and have very limited resources such as: Wifi, cell phone coverage, running water, ATM. All of these resources can be found in Page, AZ. Page, which is 10-15 minutes drive away. Please prepare cash, print voucher beforehand and bring all necessary documents with you.